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Thread: Ian Bell, Chris Bassano both retired after first international season??

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    Ian Bell, Chris Bassano both retired after first international season??

    Both these players retired one year after i had bought them into the test team. This also happened a few years later with E.Smith. All 3 batsman were quality players and iam struggling to find any decent bats. They were all in there twenty's. Has this happened before to anyone else?

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    I haven't lost both Bell and Bassano after the first season but I did lose Pietersen after only 1 season once. Quite annoying.

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    None of those happened for me (though I did play with W'shire for a bit) but even now in 2010 Bell and Bassano still feature in the English XI
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    the 'early retirement' thing that happens in international games happens because those players didn't get offered county contracts that season and subsequently disappear from the game

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    yeah, lucky for me Bassano, Pietersen, Bell and Strauss are all still in as they are helping my team with the bat


    Ashley Giles - who I named test player of the year and won the actual Mikey's Medal both times - had retired after the 2004 season, pretty sure he was delisted and not picked up. I remember when playing County Career and i picked him up with Surrey around that time. Hope it doesnt happen again.
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