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Thread: Cricket balls

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    Cricket balls

    Recently had my first experience with playing with an English cricket ball in years

    It was a Duke but obviously not the test ball as village level

    Ball swung all day

    While bowlers found it easier to grip due to higher seam, they also said that it was very “tacky” as it was covered in thick lacquer

    In short, very different to similar grade Kookaburra which is basically a round rock but bounces more

    Have to agree with Nasser, cricket needs a standard spec ball as difference is too great
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    I'd do the opposite, bowling team can use what ball they want within reasonable specifications. Not having competition is why we get turds like the Kookaburra.

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    Nah, the variety makes it fun.
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    Often wondered what the difference is between the Duke and the Kookaburra. Why are they so different yet made to what I imagine is fairly stringent specifications?
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    What is the difference between the Duke and Kookaburra cricket balls?

    Well for starters, the Kookaburra cricket ball is manufactured in Australia and the Duke cricket ball is manufactured in England. This may seem to be a trivial factor but the main difference in the ball is that they are designed to the strengths of the "Home" team, being Australia and England.The major difference between the Kookaburra and the Duke cricket ball will be in the stitching process. It has all got to do with how prominent the seam will be and in what position the seam will be. This takes the meaning of "home advantage" particularly in Ashes cricket to a whole new level.The Kookaburra Ball has a low seam in comparison with the Duke. The Duke has a more prominent and prouder seam. Having said that, the Kookaburra will stay at optimum swing and seaming position for 20 overs, at that point the ball will become easier to grip for the spinners but also easier for batsmen to play their shots. The ball stays firm for up to 80 overs. The Dukes seam will stay prominent for closer to 50 overs. This means that the Duke will be more difficult than the Kookaburra to grip for the spinners but also offer the best seaming and swing for seamers and pace bowlers.

    Consider the reverse swing factor too. Reverse swing has a lot to do with the condition of the pitch. A more abrasive pitch, like one in the sub-continent will rough a ball up quicker and hence have it reverse swinging better. The English proved in 2005, Simon Jones in particular, that it is possible to get the Duke ball to reverse swing fairly early. The Kookaburra will do likewise. Both the Kookaburra and the Duke are absolutely superb and durable cricket balls, it is hard to say which is better, but Kookaburra Cricket Balls has the lion's share of the market.
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    All test cricket should be played with Dukes, with the short stuff the kookaburras.

    Also the dukes need to go back to the 2018 and earlier seam.

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    I only about '2-piece' & '4-piece' balls.

    The four piece was like the kookabura

    And I think the two piece was either a CA or SG ball

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