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Thread: Tests vs. ODI's

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    Tests vs. ODI's

    Just out of curiosity - as I've only followed NZ cricket for about eight years, Aussie/SA for about four and world cricket for not long at all - what is it that makes test matches so much more important than ODI's? I mean, I know they're different games, but I've also noticed that when people talk about cricket, they automatically think it's all about test matches - or at the least, they think that they're superior on some level. As if performing well in an ODI didn't mean anything amazing unless you could pull it through to test matches. I, personally, enjoy ODI's a lot more than test matches (although I suppose they are made for entertainment). I do like following test matches, but ODI's just have that certain fun appeal to them. The spirit in the crowd of a day-nighter in a good ground is something special to behold, and I haven't even attended a match yet! It shines through the screen. It just seems much more... fun. Laid back. Happy. Okay, maybe I'm a little weird.

    But yeah, take Bond as the inspiration for this. I think he's one of the best bowlers in the world, arguably the best of his kind. However, other people think he's nothing amazing until he shows the same talent in a test match. Do test matches really require that much more talent? I think that if someone can be better than the most of the world at what he does in an ODI, then he is a truely great batter, bowler, captain, wicket keeper, fielder, all rounder, whatever.

    Enlighten me, oh wise ones.
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    TEST MATCH - True TEST of cricketers abilities-thus the name

    ODI - Mostly Entertaintment

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    They both are the same to me.I find both of them entertaining -MSN

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    We seem to have this thread starting every fortnight.

    ODI's are not a true test of cricketing ability - they are too short. Spin tends to be used as a defensive tactic only, the batsmen are always attacking, you never see attacking fields for the bowler etc etc.

    A good ODI is like a great pizza with tasty toppings - but it's still not a proper meal.
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    a really talented team will do well in average team can do well in ODI's.

    Test cricket 'tests' a players stamina, mental strength,tactical awareness,skill vs all type of bowling/batting,concentration in a way ODI's dont
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    Test cricket is hard to get into, but it creates incredible stories and is one of the most testing things a sportsman can do IMO....

    LoonyBob, i think you will find as you spend more time watching cricket, and begin to appreciate the real intricate parts of the game, then test cricket will be more relevant to you...

    Best thing to do when watching a test, dont expect to be swept off your feet with entertainment, but just chose a sunny day where there is a lot of time free, go and watch, and relax with a pint or two because its best enjoyed as a form of "relaxation"... its quite unique...
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    I like both formats and I love a good ODI, especially a day/nighter! Tremendous. I thoroughly enjoyed the Pakistan/India ODI series recently, that was a cracker.

    It's in the Tests that the truly amazing things happen though. Brian Lara, 400 not out...and how long did he bat? Was it about 13 hours over 3 days? (Please correct me on this one if I am wrong). Well, no one can bat that long in an ODI.
    In the tests you can have several overs with nothing happening then suddenly there will be a flurry of 4's and 6's (if we're lucky) and then nothing for ages more.

    They are a superb display of players skill and concentration as well as patience and, if you're Tino Best and Andrew Flintoff, a bit of mouth too. Tino learnt a lesson there though, there's nothing that Flintoff loves more than a bit of banter!

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    [QUOTE=luckyeddie]We seem to have this thread starting every fortnight.QUOTE]

    I reckon huh. I had started a thread about this not that long ago.

    Though on the subject of Tests & ODI's, I like them both equally and both hold the same importance to me.
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