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Thread: 1) Introduction to d-Wizz 2) WC scorebooks

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    1) Introduction to d-Wizz 2) WC scorebooks

    First, I should introduce myself as a "cricket nut", who has never played the game in any organised manner, such as in a club. I did play at school, and my stats are HS 1*, avg 1.00 (go figure the rest!). I only played because my school team only had 10 players, so I came in at #11.

    My main interest is in the numbers. I love numbers, and cricket has lots of them. In the high school team I referenced above, I was unofficial scorer, and I do remember compiling seasons stats etc, but these are long lost and my only memories of this season (1989) is one game in which our opposition scored 178/1 from their 20 overs and we were all out 51.

    I recently found a stack of notepapers containing ball-by-ball descriptions of almost every match of the 1990-91 World Series Cup tournament, which I wrote down while watching the games on TV.

    About 5 years ago, I got into cricket scoring for the grade clubs here in Brisbane. I found this enjoyable, but I detect there is a certain clique amongst the other grade scorers which I so far have not been able to fully enter. I was scoring last year, but I have not done any scoring in 2014/15.


    OK, so the preamble is done, now to the main stuff.

    I'm looking for detailed information on World Cup matches from 1975 to 1996 inclusive. How detailed? Ball-by-ball stuff. Some of the requests I have here could be impossible, but no ask, no get.

    (big breath) is there anybody out there with any of the following...
    - unedited video or audio (including radio commentary) of any WC match held before the 1996 Final?
    - access to, or knowledge of anybody with access to, any of the original scorebooks for any of these matches?

    - second best would be highlights. Sometimes, these highlights contain interim scorecards, and other "real-time" data which could be useful.

    The ultimate aim of this exercise is to create ball-by-ball running sheets for every World Cup match. Cricinfo has the raw data for the 1996 Final and all WC matches afterwards. I have a full match video of the 1992 Final, so I don't need these games.

    Ball-by-ball data will open up a Pandora's box of statistical analysis for nuts like me to pore over ad nauseum... can anybody help?

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    You'll enjoy the stats focus of the savants mate. Welcome and enjoy your time here.
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