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Thread: Swinging action leg spinner

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    Swinging action leg spinner

    Hi all,

    I have been playing with this idea for a while now, I think as we get older we all think deeper about the game. I say this with very little experience in the art of spin bowling.

    There are many variations of leg spin bowling, batsmen usually rely on reading the grip or even the angle of the arm to determine the type of delivery whether it is conventional leg spin or a googly etc.

    How effective would a "Malingla type" variation be where the bowler has a low arc slinging action?

    If a leg spinner bowls 4 or so conventional leg spinners, while then bowling the "slinging ball", how difficult would a batsman read it? Would anyone want to try this?

    I understand this would take a lot of practice, but suddenly having a ball at +-115kph full at the stumps could be a nightmare, especially if there could be any reverse swing and it comes barely out of the corner of your eye.

    ETA: Could mods kindly change the heading to "Slinging Action Leg Spinner"?
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    I get the feeling you wouldn't be able to get the pace unless you started the bowl in a particularly quick action. You could however maybe after completing the delivery stride (about to do the arm actions to deliver the ball) do the arm (and wrist/finger) actions as fast as you could. Whilst this would lose the effect of a batsman having a hard time picking it, it'd surely shock the batter making them panick guessing what the pace will be.
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    High harm faster ball is motre difficult to read. especially if you get some in swing with it.
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    Many players have wrong action of swinging.

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