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Thread: Former Pakistan coach, Geoff Lawson has expressed sympathy for Amir.

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    Icon1 Former Pakistan coach, Geoff Lawson has expressed sympathy for Amir.

    Former Pakistan coach, Geoff Lawson has expressed sympathy for Amir.

    "For me, it would be a great tragedy if a young man such as Amir, a shining light of hope, has been led astray, Pakistan's socio-economic situation needed to be taken into account before rushing in to judge the alleged actions of its cricketers."

    "We must remember that we are judging these guys by the standards of our own country, when their situations are vastly different, The first time I met Mohammad Amir was when he was 16, coming to an Under-19s camp. He comes from a small village near the Swat valley and was delayed by three hours because the Taliban had closed the highway. That doesn't happen in this country."

    "We should consider that a cricketer might not be thinking of personal gain but of getting money to buy a generator for his village because they don't have electricity."

    "The Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ijaz Butt is not a leader, he should not have the job, he is incapable."
    Read full story - Mohammad Amir earns sympathy amid scandal

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