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Thread: Looking for some helpful tips

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    Looking for some helpful tips

    Hey everyone, I play club cricket in Canada, my main skill is leg spin but I really want to improve my batting, here are some random phone clips from last couple of indoor net sessions, sorry about the quality etc ill try and get a better video down the road. However if anyone can spot some glaring technical faults in my batting, it would be helpful if you guys could offer some tips as I really do not have a coaching reference around me. My natural strengths are pulling, flicking in the air and driving straight down the ground. I am mostly a backfoot player and have been making an effort to come forward to pace bowling. Thanks

    YouTube - cricket help

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    Foot movement seems like your main issue at this point from what I see. You initial movement should be towards the line of the ball and one thing you could aim at is to get as close to the line of the ball as possible (front foot in particular if its pitched up). Also look to try and get inside the line of the ball a bit more when its pitching leg and play if off the pads. Other than that, minimize the space between the bat and the pads when you're driving. Play the ball on the ground as much as possible. Hope it helps. Cheers.

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