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Thread: Michael Vaughan - overachiever?

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    Michael Vaughan - overachiever?

    Just having a look at his profile (Michael Vaughan | England Cricket | Cricket Players and Officials |, and then his series by series record (Batting records | Test matches | Cricinfo Statsguru |, where he had a couple of years where he was without one of the best batsmen in the world, and then his form started to drop off, with the exception of the West Indies, India (2007), and New Zealand (2008), his averages left a lot to be desired.

    His Test average finished with an average of 41, but his FC average is just under 37, so apart from his purple patch early last decade, he wasn't as consistent, so is that a case of his Test career moving more in line with his FC record, and therefore an overachiever at Test level. Certainly a good Test player, not a great one.

    He should never have played 86 ODIs, I know he was captain, but I guess that evidence that England didn't have anybody better, and, they didn't want to have two captains, one for the Test team and another for ODIs.

    Injuries have also hampered his career, and he missed the 06/07 Ashes as a result, perhaps he could of made a difference, but Australia still would have won IMO.
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    Injuries and the captaincy harmed his test career average but you have to say that batting at Headingley didn't help his career first class average as it is one place where you do get help as a bowler.It is also a bit difficult to bat as you used to when your body doesn't let you get in the right positions through wear and tear.

    Has Trescothick overachieved as an international player then as he bats on the road at Taunton and only has a first class average of 40 despite having a couple of fantastic summers in the last few years?

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    I think Vaughan has been a ''Could've been great' type of player, he has had a lot of injuries that kept him from playing his natural game, imagine a decade of an injury free Vaughan, personally I think he wouldve done a lot better, and couldve ended with a consistant high 40s test avg.
    As that is not the case yes he overachieved in the career he had, he did better then expected overall and he will be rememberd as a great captain.
    In the end that's what it's about.
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