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Thread: Do They Really Care?

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    Do They Really Care?

    This is my first go at writing an article for Cricket web

    Do they really care?

    So, whaddaya reckon cricket fans?

    Do they really care?

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    Top quality. And so so true.

    Nice work fella

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    Virat Kohli (c) Jono's Avatar
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    Interesting article. Well written, though I disagree on the whole.

    Considering your performance has a huge effect on your future income, I'd say they do care personally.

    Reckon Yuvi and Irfan cared a few days ago too.
    "I am very happy and it will allow me to have lot more rice."

    Eoin Morgan on being given a rice cooker for being Man of the Match in a Dhaka Premier Division game.

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    Looks like Yuvi cares for his team mate quite a lot.

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    Haha nice.

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