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Thread: T20 - bowl out or hold back

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    T20 - bowl out or hold back

    IN THE IPL, many times we see a bowler bowling with a good rhythm being taken off as the captain wants to hold him back for the death overs or save him for later

    the Q is, is it a good move to hold him back or is it better to continue with him and make the most out of his good spell?

    I 'm for the later. If I were the captain and if one of the bowlers is bowling well then i would be tempted to bowl him out and see if he can pick up a few more wkts or at least keep the pressure on by bowling tightly

    Taking off someone after 2 overs when bowling well could mean that bowler may have to come to terms with finding that rhythm all over again in his new spell, which can be difficult when the batsmen are looking to dominate .... sometimes, it takes a bowler a few balls or overs to get into rhythm, which is all that the batsmen want to deliver that KO blow

    whats your call?
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    depends on the attack.

    if hes one of your only good bowlers, take him off, if you have good latter over bowlers, keep him going

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    Yea depends on the bowler and the situation really, I'd rarely take off a McGrath, Pollock or Vaas for instance.
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    Depends on the bowler. If say somone like Yuvraj or Ganguly was bowling really well then I'd bowl them through, but if someone like Pollock or Brett Lee was bowling really well then I'd save them for the death as I'd feel like they could easily replicate their rythymn, while Ganguly or Yuvraj could easily lose their rythymn and come back on and get clattered to all parts.

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