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Thread: Jayasuriya out of gas?

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    Icon5 Jayasuriya out of gas?

    Has sanath really aged too much to keep playing for his country? That seems to be what Arjuna and Co. seems to think.
    P'haps sansth is not the player he was in mid 90's he has lost the ability to come up with his blistering innings frequently enough, but is there anyone in the lankan squad to replace him? The pathetic state of the lankan batting line up is evident if one notices how often mubarak plays for the team.The guy doesn't seem to be good enough to even play club cricket.
    So why get rid of jayasuriya without coming up with a worthwhile batsman leave along coming up with a batter of his fire power.
    What do you ppl think?

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    He'is better than what SL have at the memnt in the form of opening batsman. But it's time for him to go. Asia cup would be his farewell series.
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