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Thread: Big 2008 for England

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    Big 2008 for England

    A mix of fortune, good character and decent cricket, England finally got past NZ last month, now as they prepare for the return leg, England have the opportunity in 2008 to propel themselves forward and give them the kind of momentum that saw them ultimately win the Ashes in 2005.

    Along the way this year, they will face a New Zealand side that showed themselves no pushover in their own country, but perhaps a touch more fragile in English conditions. South Africa, for the highlight of the English summer. Buoyed by recent series victories (and currently in a strong position in India), the South Africans will bring a side full of self-belief and possibly thought of as the number 2 Test team.

    These encounters will be followed by a disappointingly shortened trip to India for a two-Test series, which will be a tough trip none the less.

    If England were to conquer all three sides, confidence will have increased no end heading into a critical 2009. However, how probable is it that England will come through these testing battles unscathed ?

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    Expecting a tough time against the Saffies, but can see us winning 2-1, eternal optimist and all. I will revise my opinion following the NZ Test series.

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    South Africa really should win the series this summer. But they should also have won in 2003, 1998 and 1994, and didn't.

    I'll be very surprised if South Africa don't play the better cricket, but I won't be astonished if they don't win.

    I do hope, though, that if we can win in New Zealand we can beat what could possibly be an even weaker team at home.
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