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    I thought I might keep a little diary about my cricket season this Aust. summer

    We are in 5th grade (last grade that plays on turf, before the dreaded concrete), and our team is called Weston Creek Cricket Club.

    11th October (Thursday)

    First training, well my first training the rest of the boys have been hard at it for a month. I can’t believe the huge turnover of players and how many new faces are around.

    Oh well only one training session before the start of the season, I am given my team (I know about three names), and I am than told they have changed the game from Saturday to Sunday. Does not sound like a big deal, but!

    12 October (Friday very late)

    Every one has plans on Sunday, I am down to eight players after ringing 25 people, even the offer of a free game to some of the boys from last season has not worked, nor the pleas and tears of a grown man. The conversation goes something like this:
    Me; ‘would you like a game?”
    Other person; ‘Yes no worries, what time does it start?”

    Me; ‘1230 but it is on Sunday’

    Other person; ‘Sunday? I can’t play Sunday, sorry Seano

    14 October (Sunday)

    I manage to organize the team 30 mins before the start, lets meet a couple of the players.

    Graeme Trickett: Graeme came out of retirement last season to play with his son Robbie. Graeme is 50+ and use to play first grade, he was judged best player in the comp. last season. He has an unusual habit of taking his hat and sun glasses from the umpire when ever he claims a wicket, and than hands it back to the ump when the batsman faces up. He has a short temper and often argues points of law with the opposition.

    Sam Spencer: 22 a big boy, our wicket keeper, opening bowler, joint captain, and the biggest hitter in the comp. I win some money from the new boys at the club every year. Sam is the fastest sculler I have ever met. I usually give the ‘challenger’ half a schooner (a little smaller than a pint), and Sam still finishes his full glass of beer before they have had a mouthful; easy money, but Sam as been done DUI, so maybe my ‘easy money’ is over.

    These match reports are also on the WCCC web site, so may be a little hard to follow until you learn more about the players.
    You know it makes sense.

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    Match Report Round One: Weston Creek V Norths 5th Grade
    Weston Creek 5th Grade had a great start to the season cruising to an eight wicket victory in just the 18th over, after bowling Norths out for a disappointing 98.

    Only three regulars took the field for Creek from the previous season; messers Sean Ehlers, Sam Spencer and Graeme Trickett. This necessitated in a number of quick introductions before the start of play.

    After Creek captain Sam Spencer lost the toss Weston found themselves in the field, expecting a hard day of leather hunting, with Norths having first use of a flat Stirling Oval wicket.

    With Isaac Horeman setting the standard with a tight first over, Sam struck in only the second over of the match, trapping K. Khalidi LBW in front for 2 (1-3). Hawkeye confirming the umpires decision that the ball would have struck middle stump.

    A hung-over Spencer cried off after two overs and settled down in the familiar position of wicket-keeper. Isaac however was settling into a nice rhythm and in his third over he struck twice; first clean bowling Taylor for five and than having H. Khalidi brilliantly caught by Richard Arthur in the Gully, this left Norths a precarious 3-17.

    The Creek were fielding extremely well backing each other up and creating a lot of pressure on the Norths batsman with some quality ground fielding; finally this pressure told when Tim Wells pounced on a fierce cut shot and threw the ball back to the keeper with the batsman well short of his ground.

    The departing batsman (Poke) was heard to say to his former batting partner “that was a very poor call” (or words to that effect). This left Norths 4-18 and in real trouble.

    Great tight bowling by Jeff Hobson (0-8 from four overs), and the best delivery of the day by Tom Carroll; an inswinging yorker which took out the leg stump of the dangerous ‘Crooksy’ (5) who had smashed the Creek bowling during the previous season, this left Norths 5-31.

    Not to be out done by his younger brother, Damien Carroll than claimed the wicket of Norths top scorer O. Dutt, (25) caught at the wicket with a fine out swinger.

    Graeme Trickett then helped himself to a couple of cheap wickets before Damien and Isaac cleaned up a stubborn tale to dismiss Norths in the 32nd over for 98.

    Graeme and Tim Wells opened the innings and both were in fine form smashing the Norths bowling to all parts and at the 10th over the Creek run rate was a slick 6.5.

    Tim was first to go trapped LBW for a quick fire 30 which included 3 fours and a six, but Creek were just about home at 1-65.

    Woodsy (Adam Wood) joined Graeme and looked in fine form and helped to take the Creek to a comfortable eight wicket win, which was only a little soured when Graeme Trickett was dismissed for 44 one run from victory. Matt Blundell always a man for a crisis; duly hit the winning run.

    Norths All out 98

    Isaac Horemann 3-17
    Graeme Trickett 2-20
    Damien Carroll 2-22

    Weston Creek 2-101 (17 overs)

    Graeme Trickett 44
    Tim Wells 30
    Adam Woods 14*

    Man of the Match

    Graeme Trickett

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