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Thread: Rule Query - input appreciated

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    Rule Query - input appreciated

    We play in the Worcester County League and the league has no specific rules governing run out’s and therefore we must adhere to the “laws of cricket”. My query came as a result of a recent league game in which the following situation arose, we would be grateful if you could clarify this point for us.

    Our bowler had observed the opposition batsman backing up well out of his ground whilst running up for delivery. The batsman was out of his ground well before the bowlers delivery stride and so noticing this took the bails off (there was no appeal at this time, but a warning given to the batsman). The very next delivery the exact same thing happened, the batsman had left his ground during the bowlers run up but before his delivery stride and so he took off the bails and appealed. The decision was given not out (there was no official umpire standing and the umpire present did not seem to be clear on the rules), we made the point as per law 38. 2b. regarding run outs which makes the point that as long as the bowler has not yet entered his delivery stride he is free to run the batsman out.

    “38.2b – Notwithstanding 1 above, a batsman is not out Run out if - (b) the ball has not subsequently been touched again by a fielder, after the bowler has entered his delivery stride, before the wicket is put down.”

    As you can see it makes no mention of the state of play before the delivery stride, i.e., during the run up so we must assume rule 23.4 applies here also.

    23.4. Ball ceases to be dead
    The ball ceases to be dead - that is, it comes into play - when the bowler starts his run up or, if he has no run up, his bowling action.

    So taking into account these rules the batsman was indeed out?

    Their argument was to claim that a new rule had been introduced for the 2007 season regarding this issue and that the batsman was free to leave his ground without being liable to be given run out. Is this true? I have not heard nor can find any evidence of such a rule change, if indeed this rule does exist would it not only apply to county championship (for example, if it had been introduced there). Where could I find a list of rule changes that would apply to all cricket for the 2007 season?

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    Totally crap umpiring by the sounds of it. Your interpretation of the rules is 100% correct, and I hasten to add that if you allow the non-striker to leave his crease before the ball is delivered, then what is the point of being behind it in the first place? He may as well stand between the striker and the 'keeper for all it matters; then you've got two chances at hitting the ball!
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    Moved as more people in the know are likely to look at it in Cricket Chat. My answer to your question would be "Absolute cobblers" at the assertion there is a new rule and I'd probably say that if I was the bowling side. I've not heard anything of the sort in my dealings with the rules.

    Welcome to the CW Forums by the way.
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    that should have been out 2nd time round
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    Oh, Pete, what have you done - you've ruined Cass's non-CC streak.
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    thanks for the feedback guys, i'm generally pretty good with this kind of thing and indeed carry a copy of the laws of cricket for such an occasion, inventing new rules (that would not be in the rules of cricket (claiming it is outdated)) is a new one on me! We will be writing to the league regarding this matter (we won anyway and that batsman was run out a few overs later!!) but that's not the point!

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    On the subject of the Worcestershire Cricket League, have a look at this thread, particularly the last few pages, and see if you can help us out.

    Basically we're looking to have a Cricket Web Forum XI play somewhere in the Midlands (i.e. Worcestershire way) on July 15, and at the moment aren't having any luck finding a host club.
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    Haha. Back Pickup for the opportunism!

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    Bitch please, I'm from West Yorkshire
    Well if the non-striker is stupid enough to over back-up twice, then I see no reason as to why the bowler shouldn't knock the bails off, especially if it's a fast bowler, putting all of his effort into bowling.
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