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Thread: Battle of the Test Matches

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    Or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aussie View Post
    The Tied test, Kolkatta gives me too much heartache ever time i remember it..

    I don't understand why. It was a fantastic performance from Laxman and Dravid. Even the most stringent Aussie fan has to appreciate that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Wright View Post
    I don't understand why. It was a fantastic performance from Laxman and Dravid. Even the most stringent Aussie fan has to appreciate that.
    My statement doesn't mean i undervalue the greatness of the performance, its just the circumstances that surrounded it, i.e i was 12 years old, my fanatacism for the game was at its peak so was belief that Australia couldn't be beaten (given Australia were in the 16 game streak) so for me to wake up from 4:00 in the morning 2 midday on consecutive days, missing half a day @ school & watch those two blokes bat out that entire day & Australia get bowled in the other was at the time as bad as losing yourgirlfriend yo.

    But as i've gotten older & that fanatic behaviour died out i definately, do respect how good that performance was but that effect won't go away. So in this case had give the tied test the nod.

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    Tied Test.
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    best I ve seen

    Kolkata and Barbados.
    We miss you, Fardin. :(. RIP.
    Quote Originally Posted by vic_orthdox View Post
    In the end, I think it's so utterly, incomprehensibly boring. There is so much context behind each innings of cricket that dissecting statistics into these small samples is just worthless. No-one has ever been faced with the same situation in which they come out to bat as someone else. Ever.
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    Having a tough time deciding between the two. Would've voted for either one of Barbados or Hobart had they made it in, so I'll go for my trend of voting for superb knocks against superb attacks and vote VVS.
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    Two worhty finalists to round off a great battle (I bet you no one does "Battle of the ODIs") but I vote - by the margin that England won the 2005 Edgbaston Test - for the Tied test.
    Ian Botham, Freddie Flintoff, Kevin Pietersen, Brian Laudrup, Gazza and Daniela Hantuchova....a fan of you all FOREVER!!!
    Can't wait to see Australia field a crap leg-spinner like Hollland or Hohns again.....
    Congratulations to Daniela Hantuchova on her 3rd career title....
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    Right, no votes for the past ten hours, so, the rearguard comeback to end the winning streak triumphs, and the 2000-01 Test between Australia and India is officially the best Test of the 36 nominated.

    Thanks for voting.
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