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Thread: Your best ever....

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    State Captain Tomm NCCC's Avatar
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    Your best ever....

    In backyard cricket

    Best ball
    Best figures
    Best batting performance
    Best catch
    Best piece of fielding
    Favourite game
    and also, who do you like to think of yourself as?
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    Hmmm thats pretty interesting

    Best ball---when i off spun it from wide to on off to leg mate just did an exagerated leave and watched as he lost his leg stick.thing is i tried to bowl leg spin.
    best figures---12/10(12wickets)
    Best batting---599*
    ill keep you filled in on the rest
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    Cricket Web: All-Time Legend Matteh's Avatar
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    I've bowled a guy out ten times for four runs before....

    I hit the legendary(round my parts anyway) unbeaten double century when we were forced to play with a foam ball...Sunny day in June(UK summer) and i only hit one four.

    Best ball i've bowled was leg spin with a tennis landed about 2/3rds up the pitch but a good 2-3 metres outside leg stump and then after it bounced it managed to hit the batsman about shoulder height before hitting the stumps...makes a mockery of 'that' Warne ball

    When i bowl i think of myself as a right handed Ashley Giles...the pitch by the batsmen is so bumpy from years of batsmen marking their mark that all you have to do it flight it up there with no spin and it could go anywhere
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    Eyes not spreadsheets marc71178's Avatar
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    My all time favourite ball was the one that pitched 3 or 4 inches outside leg stump, turned sharply and pitched 3 or 4 inches outside off stump before turning back to knock out middle stump.
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    Cricket Web: All-Time Legend andyc's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomm NCCC
    and also, who do you like to think of yourself as?
    Andrew Cameron
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    Only a bunch of convicts having been beaten 3-0 and gone 9 tests without a win and won just 1 in 11 against England could go into the home series saying they will win. England will win in Australia again this winter as they are a better side which they have shown this summer. 3-0 doesn't lie girls.

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    Cricketer Of The Year Burpey's Avatar
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    Best ball - off cutter that came in and hit the top of off
    Best batting performance - 117
    Best catch - left-handed catch diving full stretch off my own bowling
    Who do you like to think of yourself as? Shane Deitz

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    You'll Never Walk Alone Nate's Avatar
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    Best ball Fullish on off-stump, swung in a lot before cutting away a shade, caught excellently by the `keeper.
    Best figures Not sure. Recently, 3/4 in an over.
    Best batting performance 144 haha, seriously. I took it so seriously and it took over two hours. My mates all hated me.
    Best catch Out at long-on, ball was hit hard, turned around and started running, dove near the boundary, caught in my right hand. Just insane.
    Best piece of fielding I don`t often get run-outs. Just normal ones off decent throws.
    Favourite game My first ever game where I scored 22. So fun.
    and also, who do you like to think of yourself as? Sean Ervine.
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    U19 Cricketer no1_gangsta_786's Avatar
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    My best catch was with my mates and i was looking the opposite way when the bowler bowled the ball and the batsman hit it straight in my direction and i turned around and saw the ball coming low to the right and took it one handed. Wonderful Catch!

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    State Captain Tomm NCCC's Avatar
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    Best Ball - Last sunday to dismiss my cousin... Bowled it down off stump, must of been half a metre out, but cut back in vicously and dislogded middle stump.

    Best Bat - I'm not an aclaimed batsmen I must say, If I can remember I made about 30 on a holiday to cornwall

    Best Figures - 4-20 Including a hatrick

    Best catch - Well I always play cricket with my family, and this time my grandad was batting (Uncanny similarity to Inzimam ul haq, big build but small, Patient batsmen and really hard to get out) And it came up short, Bounced and as it seemed to be just floating over my head, I managed to grasp it with my left hand, at full strectch, jumped 2 feet. And held on Like Collingwood when he caught hayden this year i suppose

    Fielding - I dont do run outs, i just stop runs. One ball crashed straight up the ground, sprawlking dive to my right, fingertips stopped it

    Favourite game - My sunday game, I was on fire but justice wasnt done though, I made 11 with the bat and took 4-27, I was dismissed very unfairly though

    And I like to think of myself as steve harmison. Agressive, passionate, full of tricks, and can be handy with the bat

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    Cricket Spectator
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    Feb 2006
    new zealand
    best ball:leggie that spun about 2 metres and hit off

    best bat:154 off about 100 balls,real boundreys

    best figures:8 for 22

    best catch:diving full length and taking a one hander

    i think of myself as andrew symonds,big hitter,can bowl spin or pace,good feilder

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    Cricket Spectator
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    Jan 2006
    Best ball - I bowled one lately on a dodgy pitch that cut 4 foot (we did measure haha) from outside leg stump, clipped the batting gloves and took off stump

    Best figures - In backyard Tests, bowled a team out for 26 (10 wickets, including a hat-trick)

    Best batting performance - 234 in 25 minutes

    Best catch - Running with flight of the ball and diving (what felt like) full stretch and taking it one handed to complete a hat-trick

    and also, who do you like to think of yourself as? - Muralidharan, swing the bat, occsional suspect action

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    Best ball - A in-swinging yorker which I bowled to remove the batsman out clean bowled
    Best figures - 4/9(2.1-0-9-4)
    Best batting performance - 109 off 38 balls
    Best catch - A Yuvraj Singh-esque catch at point
    Best piece of fielding - A run-out with a direct hit to remove the batsman
    Favourite game - Whats this?
    and also, who do you like to think of yourself as? - MS Dhoni while batting, Yuvraj Singh while fielding

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    Best ball: Admittedly we were playing with a "doctored ball".. we basically put tank tape over half the ball so that it swings a LOT! I came around the wicket and started it way outside off, it then swung right back and hit the wicket (aka garden chair) on its legside.

    It was truly awesome. Reliving the moment makes me happy

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    ****ing cold and ****ing wet
    Quote Originally Posted by Tomm NCCC
    and also, who do you like to think of yourself as?
    Jamie Lyon.

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    International Regular cricketboy29's Avatar
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    Max Rayne House, London
    Best Ball(1): Inswinging yorker into middle stump, batsman completely lost
    Best Ball (2): Slower legcutter, back of the hand, off stump
    Best Knock: A 50 in a school game, holding the innings together
    Best Figures, a 5-fer in a match that we were destined to lose, but it helped garner us some pride.

    Ah, good memories

    Who would i think of myself as, hmmm....a very watered down version of kapil dev
    Member of CW RED

    Queensland-Season 7 OD Champions

    Currently Managing: NSW

    Rahul Dravid: A Real Legend.

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