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Thread: MS Dhoni vs K Akmal!!

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    Banned vandemataram's Avatar
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    MS Dhoni vs K Akmal!!

    Who do you think is the better wk batsman??

    The two will have a lot of work to do for their team in the comming India-Pak test series.I personally think Dhoni is a better prospect and will emerge as the better player in the comming test series.

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    International Coach adharcric's Avatar
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    Kamran Akmal is a determined batsman and wicketkeeper who will be solid for Pakistan, but Dhoni is simply of a higher caliber. He's only behind Gilchrist and Sangakarra at the moment.
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    Oh sub-continental fans...

    How many tests has Dhoni played again? Both are very talented young prospects, but very unproven. So far Akmal has impressed hugely with his performances, and he looks the better option so far, especially with the gloves. Time will tell.

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    I've not seen enough of Dhoni to judge - yet!

    Speaking as an Englishman, I think I've seen too much of Kamran Akmal already ( )

    Immense prospects, both.
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    I see Kamran as a very good test batsman, and a solid one day batsman. On the other hand I believe Dhoni will end up as a passable test player and a good one day player. I don't think Dhoni will hold up against good attacks.

    Kamran is in another class with the gloves though.

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    Dhoni is the second coming of christ and will obviously destroy any and all attacks before him with his mighty powers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vic_orthdox View Post
    In the end, I think it's so utterly, incomprehensibly boring. There is so much context behind each innings of cricket that dissecting statistics into these small samples is just worthless. No-one has ever been faced with the same situation in which they come out to bat as someone else. Ever.
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    Dhoni as a batsman Akmal as a keeper...

    but Akmal IMO isn't that far behind as a batsman.

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    Parthiv Patel. Hes going to leave the two trailing in his dust.. Behind that cherubic face lies the steely resolve of an executioner.
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    Unless other people have seen something in Akmal's keeping I haven't, I personally don't think he's anything better than acceptable just now. Geraint Jones looked the better keeper in the test series, which is fairly damning in all honesty! He looks very accomplished with the bat tho, maybe even strong enough to hold down a place as a specialist batter.

    I've never seen Dhoni play, so can't compare the two.
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    Akmal for me dhoni is ok in once in a big big while ,in keeping akmal is the better one
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    Quote Originally Posted by vandemataram
    Who do you think is the better wk batsman??

    The two will have a lot of work to do for their team in the comming India-Pak test series.I personally think Dhoni is a better prospect and will emerge as the better player in the comming test series.

    I wonder why?

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    Regarding Dhoni as a wicket keeper batsman - performances outside the sub continent will have to be looked at before we can judge him more properly.

    So to compare is not suitable right now.

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    i agree - its simply too early to compare at the moment but lets see the stats
    Dhoni mat inns no runs hs ave bf sr 100 50 4s 6s ct st
    Tests 3 5 1 149 51* 37.25 199 74.87 0 1 20 2 5 1
    ODIs 30 27 7 914 183* 45.70 882 103.62 2 3 69 35 23 8

    Tests 18 31 0 775 154 25.00 1310 59.16 2 1 116 0 61 12
    ODIs 34 28 5 736 124 32.00 803 91.65 3 0 84 7 27 4

    Akmal is younger yet has more experience. His keeping is good and i feel he concentrates more on that than batting. His batting has improved I lot since he made his debut in Zimbabwe. He has shown his defence with the century at Mohali and some stroke play in his hundred v England (2) and v West Indies. Haven't seen much of him on seaming wickets
    Dhoni is a blaster. He has already scored the highest score by a keeper in ODIs (183*), hasn't played enough to be compared in tests. He will be the best ODI keeper shortly IMO as Gilly has lost his touch but Sangakkara is pretty strong at no.2. Dhoni hasn't shown a great defensive innings yet though. His keeping will improve with experience i think as this has been common with many keepers such as Moin Khan.
    The Indo Pak series will make for an interesting battle for the two - it may even be one that decides the series if one plays a crucial innings or drops a important catch etc.
    At the moment no clear conclusion can be made.

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    Akmal looked decidedly average in the recent series, as a 'keeper. Very, very talented batsman though.
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