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Thread: "Look Ma, top of the World!"

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    "Look Ma, top of the World!"

    If England win the Ashes (and I am starting to worry they will) Should they be declared 'official' World Champions?
    You know it makes sense.

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    No, just as Australia would not have been if they had got that extra two runs in Adelaide in the 92/93 series against the West Indies. If England win the series and continue to beat other teams while Australia start losing though, of course. And, failing that, if England win this series and both teams continue to dominate, and then England manage to win (or at least draw, depending on the circumstances) the next Ashes, then yes. You really have to show consistent superior results, or prove superiority in direct competition over several series.

    Certainly though, if England win the series convincingly, it's going to be mighty close. There's also a difference between England scraping through 3-2 in a thriller and rolling on for a comfortable 4-1 win. We'll have to wait and see.
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    If England win the series convincingly, they won't be declared "official" World Champions. Because that's decided by a numeric system.

    However, they'll be regarded, maybe deservedly by many as being "unofficial" World Champions - Australia's record in recent years all over the world is incredibly good though, and is hard to ignore. Perhaps it'd be the first step in the changing of the guard. Australia's troubles are a little deeper than just some irresponsible batting, and all dynasties come to an end sometime.

    The series isn't lost yet though.
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