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Thread: Questions on cricket

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    Questions on cricket


    I got few questions on cricket rules and I hope you can clarify my questions.

    I play for a league in IOWA,USA. We had a small problem in our regular matches when one of our bowlers just knocked the bails while he is bowling as the runner was not in his crease. He did not bowl the ball. I want to know if this is considered out according to cricket rules.

    “15. Bowler attempting to run out non-striker before delivery
    The bowler is permitted, before entering his delivery stride, to attempt to run out the non-striker. The ball shall not count in the over.”

    Is this rule in cricket laws and if it is, is the non-striker out?

    The next question is one of our bowlers took a three wickets in four balls, but one ball was a wide. Is this a hat trick or not?

    I hope you can answer my questions.


    Ramsudhakar Vedula

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    i think that the rule is still the same as the old one, if the bowler does NOT enter his delivery stride he can take the bails off, if the batsman is out of his crease he is given a warning, if the same thing happens again he is out Run Out.

    no thats not a hat trick.
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    Most likely a dead ball, or a warning.

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    Not sure at what stage of the delivery (delivery stride, run-up, etc) the bowler can attempt to run non-striker out but there is no need to give warning.

    It is considered part of etiquette of cricket to do so (and generally bad form to apptempt such a run out after that) but there is no need for a warning.

    Type of attempt is called a "Mankad" after player from sub-continent who caused such a dismissal.

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    The warning is optional and more of a courtesy, though. If a bowler Mankads a batsman and appeals, the umpire will have to adjudicate and if the batsman is out of his/her crease, the umpire will have to uphold the appeal.

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    once the bowler has begun his/her delivery stride the batsman may leave the crease.

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