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Thread: Changes required for the Indian odi side

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    Quote Originally Posted by SJS
    Although it cant be anyone's case, and it isnt mine, to say that Jadeja is as good,let alone better, than Bevan. I just said he is India's Bevan to show what kind of a player he is and his grasp of the grammer of the limited over game. In response, some ridiculous things have been said of Jadeja's figures.

    I am comparing them below with Bevan just to make a point that Jadeja was good nothing more nothing less.

    Average inflated by not outs :
    Jadeja : Out of 179 innings he was not out 36 times.
    If the not outs are not taken into account his average drops by 7.5 runs per innings.

    Bevan : Out of 196 innings he was not out 67 times !!
    On removing not outs his average drops by 18.3 runs per innings. !!

    Not enough centuries :

    Jadeja : 6 centuries in 179 innings.
    Bevan : 6 centuries in 196 innings.
    Thus Bevan took 3 innings more per century compared to Jadeja!
    (BTW, Bevan had more 50's than Jadeja at 46. Jadeja has a respectable 36 of them in addition to the centuries)

    Not enough Match winning performances

    Its difficult to go into each innings and analyse. Here is one criteria I could use. Man of the Match Awards.

    Jadeja : 10 MOM awards in 196 games. An award every 19.6 games played.
    Bevan : 12 MOM awards. in 232 games. An award every 19.3 games played.

    If these figures are not comparable, I dont know what is ?

    People should think(and check) twice before just throwing stats around to support a preconcieved notion of theirs.
    Great statistics and Excellent point made
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    Quote Originally Posted by nikhil1772
    Since AJ has come back to domestic circuit he is taking wickets consistently...something Yuvraj hasn't...
    Well a quick look shows 3 games, 5 overs this season - if he cannot be asked to bowl for his domestic side, how is he going to move into the International arena?
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