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Thread: LegSpinner question?

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    Icon5 LegSpinner question?

    Alright im new in this forum im a legspinner:
    my leg breaks are good enough but i have got 2 problems

    -I try to bowl the googly with my upper body bent and my arm nearest to 90 to the parallel to the groud. The line i bowl it is not a problem but because i bowl it out of the back of the hand it goes TOO high in the air and goes to slow.
    Could any spinner give me tips on how to solve my problem but with the same action (or another one)

    -Second problem (minor problem) My leg break is completly different to my googly, will a batsmen see what ball is coming by seeing mu action?

    BTW im not too tall im 13 years old thanks (im new sorry if i posted in the wrong place)
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    My advice to you would be to forget about spin bowling altogether. You won't be good enough in all likelihood. At any level lower than 1st class cricket spinners are nothing more than tonk material. They're there simply to bolster batting averages and give the batting side a hard-on from all the boundaries that inevitably flow. The closest you'll come to being a decent leg spinner is dying your hair blonde, lighting a cigarette as you come in to bowl and chowing down on a tin of baked beans in the lunch break.
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    Never has the coaching/equipment forum been blessed with such insight and knowledge
    Quote Originally Posted by Dawood Ahmad View Post

    Hamish, no body knows even name of him
    But Ponting, there's great fame of him

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    I actually agree with that last post.
    The sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament.

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