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Thread: My Bowling Action

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    My Bowling Action

    Hey. Recently recovered from a back problem and trying to get back into rhythm.

    In this video I would say I'm bowling at about 60%. At full throttle, I sprint to the wicket and have a high jump. But just getting back, my action looks all out of sorts. I was bowling pretty rapidly few months back and really want to get the zip back.

    I already know that I need to:

    -Increase hangtime and jump.
    -Use non bowling arm more.
    -Whip non bowling arm away to create a faster and more effient downswing.
    -Make top half front on.

    Also, I do this weird stop and go thing. I load up and just before the downswing, I take my bowling arm upto near my chin before bowling. I haven't seen anyone else do that. How bad is that? In terms of momentum loss?

    Also sorry about the quality of the batsman I'm bowling to.

    YouTube - Zohaib Bowling

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    Strong upper body and the feet are in a good position for generating pace (very good, IMO). There is a problem with how the feet get into position.

    The only 2 things I would ask you to work on are the little hop to the side that stalls your momentum when hitting the crease and driving yourself through the crease towards the batsman. The left leg drifts to the offside in your action and this forces you to pivot as it is hard to get the required hip rotation. By taking the left leg towards the batsman you would strengthen your action.

    The biggest issues are that accuracy and pace are lost when the body jerks and doesnt go in a straight line.

    An honest assesment would be that it is an action full of potential but a little unrefined. Attack the crease directly withouth the jump to the side and drive into and though the action towards the batsman. Balance, pace and accuracy will improve.

    Very promising
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    Thanks man. Yeah I've been trying very hard to keep going straight at the batsman but haven't had success yet. I will try what you said and get my left foot closer inside and going towards the batsman.

    What do you think about the use of my non bowling arm. Bowlers like Brett Lee really use it and get it up even before they get into their "hangtime." While others like Steyn don't use it as much. Whenever I've tried to have my non bowling arm hang up there, it's felt very awkward.

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