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Thread: Crap innings Ashes 2015 thread

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    Crap innings Ashes 2015 thread

    i have to nominate clarke's 10 in the 1st innings of the 4th test, as one of the worst innings ever
    everyone is falling around him, ball is swinging, complete pandemonium, and what does he do?
    After struggling to 10 runs, when patience and showing application would be called for:
    Decides to have a crack well outside off, doesn't leave the ball alone, and edges hard straight into the slip fielder.

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    This conversation has already taken place in at least 4-5 different threads other than the official match thread
    "This is a clash of strategy. And of methods, culture and politics. This is a new-era rivalry. Not as ancient as the Ashes, or as passionate as India-Pakistan. Two countries that are so different, yet share rampant egotism, high self-opinion and a belief that being born in their country is superior to other births. This brings together a belligerent bunch of brats, bullies and braggers."- Jarrod Kimber

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    Of course, if Clarke sticks that to the fence and plays one of his trademark 'smashes it everywhere while everyone else struggles' innings we'd be singing his praises.

    It was the raging of the dying light. Probably the moment when Clarke realised the game was up.

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