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Thread: Share Ride/Car from Delhi - Mohali

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    Share Ride/Car from Delhi - Mohali

    Hello Everybody,

    I am planning to travel from Delhi to Mohali on March 30 and returning the same day. I am looking for others who also want to do the same. We can hire a taxi and share the cost, or I you are driving I can pay for your petrol.

    Reply to this post and I will get back to you.



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    If you can pay for my plane ticket from Toronto to Delhi, and provide accomodation, I'll drive you to Mohali. But only if you pay for gas.

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    Poor Jayanta, not only will he have to shell out for a plane ticket, accommodation and petrol for turby, but he will also have to drive all the way back after watching India lose the match.

    Btw, may I suggest three other companions for this road trip - IndiaLose, Dhoni_Fan and maybe a doctor (a psychiatrist will do).

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