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Thread: England vs New Zealand

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    Icon2 England vs New Zealand

    England vs New Zealand

    England put into bat by Stephen Fleming after he won the toss, lost
    two quick wickets but then Kevin Peterson stablized the innings and
    then 4 quick wickets fell and england in spot of bother at 136/7 then
    to their rescue came Nixon and Plunkett contributing a 70 run
    partnership and innings ending at 209/7.

    Fall of Wickets

    Batting Highlights

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    Given that the last thread hasn't been closed and the site added to the filter, do I presume this is above-board?
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    I'm pretty sure videos from YouTube are allowed, and this site just gets the cricket videos from YouTube and puts them on one site...

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    **********, thanks for the links
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    To be honest, I don't really know the ins and outs of the law but there's plenty of YouTube stuff already been linked to on here.

    Problem may come about because it's not only YouTube and that's would be advertising.

    I'll tell James and let him decide.
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    Thanks guys.

    Difference here is, it's cleary advertising because he's signed up and posted twice and both times included his website within the post obviously with the clear purpose of spamming. He doesn't seem the little bit interested in actually contributing.

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