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Thread: bugs malone drops bomb on nsw squad!

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    bugs malone drops bomb on nsw squad!

    bugs malone dropped a bomb shell on nsw squad members today after there second succesive one day loss which see's them in a tight 3 tussel for 1st place in div 2.

    nsw spoke to the daily tele today and confirmed which players had there contract renewd and whom didnt.

    long talks with all players by bugs malone has seen the following contracts renewed or brokendown.

    G KIRSTEN considering his options
    M SLATER considering his options
    J KALLIS staying
    B LARA staying
    M BEVAN considering his options
    C CAIRNS considering his options
    S LEE staying
    B HADDIN staying
    S WARNE staying
    D FERGUSON staying
    G MCGRATH considering his options

    C RICHARDS staying
    M CHILTON gone
    H STREAK gone
    Y MCDOWELL considering
    D KENWAY gone

    out of the above g kirsten is pondering retiring, also m bevan as to whom has been talking to certain clubs about providing his services on a much broader level. feels his stay at nsw has become stale and wishes to move on.

    well thats the news from the nsw camp, if teams wish to become involved in talks with the players, please leave a private message or here on this post once negotiation talks are allowed and they will be responded to.

    but a massive shake up in the nsw camp.
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    Have PM'ed you my opening round of bids

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    being a New south welshman myself i am interested in most of your natural nsw players, once you decide who your keeping let us know and we can talk more
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