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Thread: First Class 2nd XI - Round 6 - Division 3

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    First Class 2nd XI - Round 6 - Division 3

    Tasmania vs Mumbai
    Queensland vs Mashonaland
    Victoria vs Colts

    Home team listed first. Please remember toss choice & bat/bowl, check injuries, check 1st XI team for players and don't forget your wicket keepers and captains! To be submitted by Midnight Sunday AEST
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    Victoria 2nd XI Four Day
    Victoria vs Colts

    Y AzharuddinŽ
    O Beasley
    K Sangakarra
    J Madanagopal
    S BevanŽ
    M Kaif
    C White
    M Pascoe
    J Moss
    S Malinga
    M AttewellŽ

    Captain: C White
    Wicket Keeper: K Sangakarra
    Toss: Tails
    Result: Bat
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    Colts 2nd XI

    1. Jayasuriya Squires
    2. Ebrahim Stone
    3. Salman Butt
    4. Gerry Liebenberg (c/wk)
    5. Andrew Symonds (vc)
    6. Shikhar Dhawan
    7. Sri Samarasekera
    8. Quintaz Birch
    9. Mahela El Zabir
    10. Omar Cope
    11. Andrew Tweedie

    12th Man: Farhan Abbasi

    Bowl First
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    Mashonaland 2nd XI

    A Bernard
    H Amla*
    D Zulch
    S Tikolo
    R Gavaskar
    Z Hockney
    V Walker
    J Burke
    D Currie+
    I Bradshaw
    A Tudor

    Decent tail there for Mashonaland, with the number 11 averaging 18.3.

    Toss: Heads
    Call: Bat
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    Tasmania 2nd XI

    F Rickman
    B Beresford
    G Gurusinha
    S Kotak
    T Rowell
    R Warren (c)
    O Lampard (wk)
    M Sami
    L Emerson
    F Akram
    D Hettiarachchi


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    Just like to say that Daniel(DYCE) is back in charge of Queensland 2nds.
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    Mumbai 2nd XI

    B Maxwell
    W Hakim
    F Athar
    N Patel
    A Flintoff
    Y Hills
    K Wise
    H Thompson
    M Pushpakumara
    F Bhandari
    R Curgenven

    Captain: A Flintoff
    Keeper: K Wise

    Toss: Heads
    Result: Bat
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    1. R Tennison*
    2. B Khan
    3. I Loacastro
    4. V Hurley
    5. L Owen
    6. R. Millar
    7. H Hodgson+
    8. R Lewis
    9. K Ali
    10. P Mooney
    11. G Lawson

    Toss: bat
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    6/6, nice work.
    Or something.

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