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Thread: Bowl-Outs

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    Haha yeah it was in jest, but still, I would still find it very exciting

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    all the ideas are funny and lets have a laugh at this bowl out concept, but when it comes down to it, there is more chance a soccer match will end in draw/tie and i read that 65% of soccer games will be decided from shoot outs.. but in cricket a tied game surely is rare and in the end its kind of a nessacary evil, if the team puts themselves in the position of tied game they must and their fans have to accept that the game will be decided upon a bowl out. if you know tha points are going to be split if you tie its a shrug of the shoulders... if you tie.. however if the tie results into another "chance" for both teams then this should be your reason to win...if you dont like the idea of a bowl out then win the match simple.

    side note 43 int. 20/20 have been played 2 have resulted in bowl outs thats 5%...

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