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*Unofficial* New Zealand Black Caps Thread


International Debutant
maybe the new nzc ceo should think about adding one test on to each tour hmmmmm
That would be nice. It's super annoying but that problem pre-dates White's tenure. Just looking at Sri Lanka's schedule they seem to be locked into 2 test series as part of the FTP also.


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
Ding dong the White-ch is dead ?


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Pretty sure this is now my most-liked post ever on CW.


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We need a rugged traditional old boomer who is all about test cricket and sees all other formats as an insult to the integrity of the planet, rather than a property developer old boomer who sees T20 dollar signs and maximum return to investors.
A propose a CW-authored application for the job on behalf of Burgey esq.


State Captain
Yeah, he specifically mentioned the home test series next year. Would be ace if he's genuinely available, but would probably need some negotiation with Stead and incoming CE given the preference for contracted players.
Couldn’t Boult On just take a contract for a year? Say to NZC that he’s keen to represent NZ from July to July, and work in leagues around that? Obviously guys have played IPL and BBL around NZ commitments before. By then he’ll be the best part of 34, and then retire from there?


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The whole idea of being contracted by NZC is that you're available to them first and foremost. Obviously there's a bit of flexibility built in there if a player - for example - wants to skip a tour to spend more time with his family. But it does not extend to just skipping series in order to go play in the UAE or Australia. And because these leagues now massively overlap with NZ's home summer it really is impossible to work in leagues around your NZ commitments. You're either in in which case you get the IPL and maybe a bit of the CPL, or you're out.

I do think this is an example of where having a split contracting system - with separate contracts for test, odi and t20 players might be helpful. Boult could've stayed contracted as a test player and been available for last summer as an example.

The Hutt Rec

International Vice-Captain
We were pretty flexible with Boult, he seemed to be missing every other test and tour even when he was a contracted player, for the last few years. So I’m not too sure NZC wouldn’t have been open to all these things … but at the end of the day he can’t just swan in and play whatever test series he feels like.

Personally I don’t want to see him in the World Cup squad.