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U19 Vice-Captain
Real Madrid in Round 1 is a rough cup draw @Krypto . Did well to push them close!
Well lose the toss lose the game I geuss. Evenly matched however their batsman over performed. Take it on the cheek and move on I geuss. Don't know who they are don't care much, crappy loss. Part of stumped. I loss to greenfielders in my last OD of last season, see it in the same category.


Hall of Fame Member
Typical that TMOs get Fartland 2nd round of the cup... no chance to give developing players a hit out, and a chance to be knocked out early again! Yay!


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2 weeks ago, my young pacer Bedwell improved from Fast-medium to fast. I then started to train him in line and length. This week he dropped down in pace: fast to fast-medium.

It like he doesn’t want the power of “pace like fyah 🔥)

So, like any good dad, I have instructed his coach to break his back in the training of PACE.


My bowling coach heard my message loud and clear.


likes this
FHK is in a surprisingly competitive Div 3. Today's game is against the other main promotion contender. Good challenge.

I might have to renew the affiliate for another season given the delay in getting CWC10 off the ground :helpsmili


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Forgot to set the orders for this one as I was helping this person with their homework.

Good thing that I set up a default...for mostly my friendlies.


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We started our innings well. A 100+ opening partnership between Hodgeson and Hogg. The came the dry period after their wickets fell, the run dried up...foundation was set for a 275+ score. Then the run-outs. Innnings lost momentum, finished on 240 for 8

They started well with their reply. Part-timers, Bram Human and Hodgeson got the first 3 wickets...it was attritional cricket. Game was in the balance, and then I gave a solitary over to Hogg, who is not even a part-timer's part-timer...He conceded 23 runs, which basically lost us the game.

0-2 in the season so far for Mooo's SOD