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Yea the 3 down 1 up system sucks

ZCC have secured their spot in Div 2 across all formats so this week is just dead rubbers. We could get higher finishes and prize money if we push for wins, but I'm opting for IGT by resting Sajith from senior games and giving our 15 YO trainee a Dev debut.

FHK have locked up promotion to SOD Div 1 in dominant fashion and should stay in T20 Div 2 with some decent prize money. The Dev Div 2 spot is at risk - we're going in full strength and hoping for the best!


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Have secured moving up to div 2 for SOD. Hoping to secure div 2 T20, ahead but could still slip up. Already secured moving up in dev to div1. Hopefully monies pour in next season!


International Regular
Gold Eliminators (1st-3rd)
The Buy-Ins vs Moooo - The Buy-Ins won by 21 runs - https://www.stumpedgame.com/Scorecard.php?Match=1618501
ataraXIa vs Zor*x CC - ataraXIa won by 6 wickets - https://www.stumpedgame.com/Scorecard.php?Match=1618465

Winners to Semi-Finals
Losers to Eliminators

Moo vs The Merry Orangutans - 16 August 15:00 - @SillyCowCorner1 @StephenZA
Zor*x CC vs Jura CC - Zor*x CC win by 1 wicket - https://www.stumpedgame.com/Scorecard.php?Match=1618500

Silver Eliminators (4th-6th)
Ashgrove Astronauts vs Winton CC - Winton won by 80 runs - https://www.stumpedgame.com/Scorecard.php?Match=1618477
Free HK vs Dynamo Morpork - Free HK won by 40 runs - https://www.stumpedgame.com/Scorecard.php?Match=1618478

Winners to Semi-Finals
Losers to Eliminators

Ashgrove Astronauts vs GG CC - Ashgrove Astronauts won by 44 runs - Dynamo Morpork vs Honest Hunks - 18 August 09:00

Bronze Eliminators (7th-9th)

AtaraX Wellington vs Charminster CC - Charminster won by 30 runs - https://www.stumpedgame.com/Scorecard.php?Match=1618473
Dynamo Schmaltzberg vs The Net Theorists - Dynamo Schmaltzberg won by 8 wickets - https://www.stumpedgame.com/Scorecard.php?Match=1618490

Winners to Semi-Finals
Losers to Eliminators

AtaraX Wellington vs Shri's Croquette Team - AtaraX Wellington win via BYE
The Net Theorists vs Plymouth Pirates - TO BE ARRANGED - @StephenZA @Jarquis

Just waiting for @Jarquis to accept request for TNT v Plymouth Pirates for all eliminators to be completed/scheduled.

In terms of confirmed semi-finals -

(1st to 3rd) The Buy-Ins v Zor*x CC - @Charlie B @cnerd123
(4th to 6th) Free HK v Ashgrove Astronauts - @cnerd123 @Jarquis
(7th to 9th) Dynamo Schmaltzberg v AtaraX Wellington - @Magrat Garlick @ataraxia

Added this here as game will be played later today

(1st to 3rd) Ataraxia v winner of Moo vs The Merry Orangutans


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FHK have avoided relegation from Dev Div 2 by just 2 points! Successful season overall for both sides, let's hope we can cap it off with some CWC silverware.

Will issue a challenge to Astronauts later today. TBI vs ZCC is scheduled for thursday.

@Jarquis FHK have challenged the Astronauts for Thursday 08:00 in game time
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Excellent win by ZCC over AXI in a SOD Friendly today. Both teams clocking in at 60k, ZCC testing out a new combination in the absence of Sajith D Estandau. Abdul Younis extremely impressive with 86 runs and 0/18 from 4 overs.

Thanks for the game @ataraxia!


International Captain
AXI manage to squeak into T20 div 1, coming a day after winning a T20 against a 72K team.

I think a big part of this team's success in T20s is opening with two pinch-hitters (and an unhittable bowling lineup...). It doesn't seem like that's a strategy which would work on a simulation, but given just how aggressive powerplay bowling orders must be, I find it effective. (though I do have a massive advantage being in Asia) Just putting that out there.

In general - are financial situations tough for y'all? I've got 4M balance (1.8M from the recent selling, admittedly) and been finding it a breeze. Even if not, don't lose hope; one can still fashion a side from low-cost and homegrown players, as evidenced by FHK.


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ZCC have spent loads lately but i think we can cover our costs if we need to. EurAfrica is tough, we've had to spend just to stay competitive in Div 2.

FHK have more money than I know what to do with tbh. I might eventually swap roles and let FHK buy players while forcing ZCC into home grown austerity measures lol.