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FHK don't bat well 7-11. Too many specialist bowlers. Need Li and Yuen to get up to speed ASAP.

I think we could defend 240 but not sure what is par here. Good wicket to bat with a bit of wear, if someone gets in they could hurt us and TMO bat deeeep.


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What is the best pitch for a wrist spinner (in theory) for stumped? I never quite know how much of a liability de Klerk is?


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What a chase by GG CC. Why are your games always so high scoring lol.
That was as clinical a chase as one can ever expect…Jardine’s role in the team is immense. He’s an impact player in the same role as a Jacques Kallis..

But, going back to the start of the chase, I was surprised that captain Levy was the aggressor in the opening partnership with Bram Human. He just knows what to do (is it because of his 20 experience?).
By the time Bram fell in the 16th over, the required rate was below the crr.
Jardine then played his responsible knock, with support from the lower order. Peter Sutherland, batting at number 7 has the license to express himself…Obeysekere, riding high on momentum with the ball in the last 24 hours struck an unbeaten 30 off 29. His batting stock is going up.

It was a good game to follow though, started at 7:00PM my time, and just right for my Saturday night with an alcoholic beverage, sipping away.


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40 runs, 2 wickets

Our bowling is going to run out of steam soon

EDIT: Thank god for our bullet arms huh. That makes up for the 9 overthrows!


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Yau was really firing them in. 6 Bullet Arms in 9 overs! Plenty of overthrows.

Ted Hui bowled phenomenally today. What a great win. Bowlers have been top class. Cheers for the game Stephen!

Sigh tomorrow's gonna be dull lol.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
241 all out for the TMOs. Not surprising letting Mooo get to 289 was always going to be to much for this batting line up. But still quietly pleased with the chase, put in a good effort. Well done @SillyCowCorner1. Thanks for the game.

Now looking forward to the senior team in a few hours.
Out-rated by 5.5k points, Mooo’s batting went on a full out blitzkrieg.
Edwin Gibbons notched up an impressive 80 off 67. Switched on just right. The skipper Meyiwa’s knock was more composed. And McCormack going mad at the end…I look to the match orders to see what was ‘up’, and this was it:


What sparked the explosiveness from our bats, I don’t know.

The bowlers taking the stick from the TMO’s wasn’t a surprise, but being able to bowl them out was. Love when my keeper plays a big part in the field, 4 catches taken.


International Captain
It gets funner! Last over from Jacob Dickins begins with an edge for one turning into a five thanks to (presumably) a bullet arm overthrow from intrepid all-rounder Scott Davis. John Ward then hits a couple of boundaries before a missing a straight one, and Warwick + Schofield run like mad for the final two deliveries.

82 off the last 8 overs and 54 off the last 4 bring AX-W to a respectable 147-5 despite a period of 73 balls between boundaries! Particularly good from Ward, who hit 39 off his last 15 balls after 26 off his first 34. Now he has a pole with ball in hand also.


International Captain
The EOS update has happened... but it looks like things are messed up with the divisions. Wage and botting updates look to be accurate anyway. Condition and touch haven't updated for whatever reason.

Looks a tough ask for JoJo. Need 9 an over for the last five, and five down. Will be close anyway. Batty key.