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*Official * Pakistan vs New Zealand 2023

G. S. Kohli

International Vice-Captain
F. Zaman : Tom Blundell b Matt Henry (123 ODI wkts )for 14
Blundell again!

Shan Masood st Blundell b Ish Sodhi 44.

Kuwait born Shan Masood better at multi day game than white ball who played only 8 ODI, his father was selector of pakistan in the past so he faced many selection hiccups.

thierry henry

International Coach
I’m very drunk, and I’d love to see the justification for giving that last stumping out (I assume it’s the usual incoherent obsession with giving things out?)


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Yeah I don't get why the default changed from "the batsman gets the benefit of doubt" to "out until proven otherwise". Nonsensical imo.

G. S. Kohli

International Vice-Captain
After 12000+ int'L runs Babar known as Bobby in pakistan not look much Comfortable against NZ bowlers in ODI

Babar one of Finest ODI batsman in the world according to ICC 's Ranking

G. S. Kohli

International Vice-Captain
A talented Pakistan side with no players talented enough to get an IPL contract.
Our Prime minister Modi do not want Pakistani player in IPL, 2008 was the last time pakistan player were in IPL but eversince political tension
Happen, central Government not wants relationship to pakistan.not only in pakistan but indian player not allow to play in any league out side india
Some player Allowed to play in england after BCCI ( puj) gave them Approval letter for our interest

Pakistan player starving to play in IPL but we are not sorry for them, they not deserved to enter in india but yes if they want to participate in WC we will help them gave visa but we will not going to pakistan for asia cup in september.

They killed our Civillian every day for no reason, USA declared them Terrorist nation


International Vice-Captain
Neesham needs to adjust quickly and help build pressure. On this pitch anything slightly off target from him is too easy for Babr.


International Vice-Captain
Real dilemma for Latham what to do on winning the toss. Bowlers couldn't make much impact defending two solid scores in the first 2 ODIs, but chasing in Karachi means dealing with the pitch getting slower not to mention to having field in the heat.