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4th Test at the Gabba, Brisbane, 15 - 19 Jan 2021


Cricketer Of The Year
Wade making a century here would be Marcus North in Bangalore all over again. A good thing in the here and now, but it won't be for the benefit of Australian cricket longterm


Mr. Glass
wade's weakness is in adjusting to subtle variations (i mean the icing on top of him being **** in general)

sundar looks monotone although he is accurate

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
Hussey has perfected the whole "saying Thakur in a way that's close enough to correct without sounding like you're putting on a different accent" thing this session imo.


International Debutant
people know that "black sportsmen are Powerful and Athletic rather than Skillful and Intelligent" has been a trope in professional sports since black people started playing (western) professional sports and has been pretty thoroughly debunked, right
They can be both. That's not to say that populations might not have average differences, which you probably see most obviously in sports like sprinting or in the NBA. As someone mentioned earlier athletes with West African ancestry are overrepresented. Jon Entine and David Epstein (The Sports Gene) have written about this.

I doubt that is the problem with their test side though. The Windies obviously used to dominate test cricket. In the 90's, NZ was competitive in ODI's but terrible in tests.


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Especially since he has a mediocre FC record, another of Richard's pet hates. He would legitimately insist players like Cartwright and Turner were better IMO.
Oh yeah I forgot that his FC record was really mediocre upon selection. It's the perfect concoction of salt.

I wonder what he would've had to say about Moeen.