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21st century ball of the century.

Ali TT

International Debutant
Archer to Santner - final ball of NZ innings in the WCF2019. Slower ball bouncer that completely bamboozled Santner, dot ball.

Pup Clarke

Cricketer Of The Year
Anderson to Braithwaite. Think it was the 2015 series in the Windies. Big booming in-swinger cleans him up. Absolutely unplayable


Global Moderator
Did we already forget CI's ball of the century countdown? It had some great ones. Asif to Laxman, Harris to Cook, Pathan to Yousuf off the top of my head.

Bumrah will have at least one entry in the top 10 for sure already.


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Bumrah’s cutter to Ollie is his best imo. Was clutch af too.

Notable mentions include his slower ball in Australia 2018, one of the ridiculous swinging deliveries in that WI series or the yorker from a couple of weaks ago. Cutter in the WC against Pakistan was class too. **** he’s got quite a few.