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Thread: I have some Burrito questions:

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    Quote Originally Posted by sledger View Post
    You plebs have all got it wrong. Pork is the only way to go when it comes to burritos.
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    Having once waved like a Mexican, I feel I have great knowledge to answer these questions.

    Chicken or Beef? Both, but normally chicken
    Sour cream, Y/N? Y
    Hottest possible salsa or "mild"? Hot
    Mini, normal or jumbo sized Tortillas? Normal
    Have you ever put refried beans onto your Burrito? Of course I have
    Do you have trouble keeping your Burrito together while eating? It depends.
    What do you do with all that left over lettuce? Eat it.
    After how many Burritos do you start to feel a bit sick? 6
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    I know you're all looking at it

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    Carnitas (pork)
    Not really

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    Quote Originally Posted by _Ed_ View Post
    Also, what's everyone's thoughts on the controversial 'breakfast burrito'? Yay or nay?
    Yay. My favourite burrito, with bacon, egg and potato.

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