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Recent content by Viscount Tom

  1. Viscount Tom

    3rd Test at Headingley, Leeds

    Oh well Aussie Walkabout has reopened in town.
  2. Viscount Tom

    3rd Test at Headingley, Leeds

    �� Nerves.
  3. Viscount Tom

    3rd Test at Headingley, Leeds

    They get a full over at Leach now.
  4. Viscount Tom

    **Official** Ireland in England 2019

    Quickest jinx in cricket web history I think.
  5. Viscount Tom

    *Official* India Tour of England 2018

    Come on get these tons before half past.
  6. Viscount Tom

    ***Official*** England in New Zealand 2018

    Think Flem called it early.
  7. Viscount Tom

    *Official* Commentary Complaints Thread

    Swann's convinced his mate Broad should be England captain because you know reasons.
  8. Viscount Tom

    Pick One Player From Your Time Watching The Ashes Who You'd Select For This Series

    2010/11 Steve Smith for this series would be nice.
  9. Viscount Tom

    Coloured kits for Tests!

    It's about as well liked as C9's comms team.
  10. Viscount Tom

    ***Official*** 1st Test at Brisbane

    Why does the Aussie attack remind me so much of the village people.
  11. Viscount Tom

    Ireland and Afghanistan awarded Test status by ICC

    It'll be interesting to see who their first opponents will be.
  12. Viscount Tom

    CricSim ****

  13. Viscount Tom

    **Official** County Cricket 2016

    If he's having a Kebab at half 5 on an afternoon I'd hope so. EDIT: If your unwell surely the last thing you should go for is a kebab.
  14. Viscount Tom

    **Official** County Cricket 2016

    Tbf there's always next year.
  15. Viscount Tom

    **Official** County Cricket 2016

    Could've done with Bairstow but unfortunately herr Director is a Middlesex man.