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Recent content by srbhkshk

  1. srbhkshk

    *Official* India tour of Ireland and England 2022

    Nahh, he bowled one good delivery (the second last one), the rest were all hittable, although one could argue that the extra pace helped - a 135 kph bowler bowling the same would have disappeared.
  2. srbhkshk

    The better ODI player: Shahid Afridi vs. R. Jadeja

    Not sure that's a great indicator of "impact player" given Kallis has the same amount of awards in quite a bit lesser number of matches.
  3. srbhkshk

    *Official* India tour of Ireland and England 2022

    Waiting for the articles to ignore Ireland scoring 221 (against what might be close to our full choice attack bar Bumrah) and sing praises of Bhuvi and Umran for the 18th and 20th overs.
  4. srbhkshk

    *Official* India tour of Ireland and England 2022

    With all due respect to Ireland, Bhuvi and Harshal getting hammered here are dire signs for T20 WC.
  5. srbhkshk

    *Official* India tour of Ireland and England 2022

    This sounds such a weird thing to say about Rohit in english conditions, made weirder by it being actually true.
  6. srbhkshk

    The biggest spinner of the cricket ball?

    Sachin Tendulkar.
  7. srbhkshk

    Players who retired too early.

    Sanga is not a terrible shout, but he was getting absolutely owned by Ashwin in that 15 series before he retired. Was semi-comical at times.
  8. srbhkshk

    *Official* South Africa T20 Tour of India 2022

    Karthik proving that staying far away from the Indian teams setup is the best way to continue being a decent T20 batsman.
  9. srbhkshk

    *Official* South Africa T20 Tour of India 2022

    India would have scored ~285 against Netherlands today and Rahul's 115 ball 100 would have had glorious stories written about it.
  10. srbhkshk

    Sydney Barnes vs Anil Kumble

    Think technically fast-medium are supposed to be quicker but it doesn't mean much and they tend to be applied arbitrarily.
  11. srbhkshk

    How many test wickets will Anderson end up with?

    Anderson probably the happiest guy in the world about global warming.
  12. srbhkshk

    *Official* South Africa T20 Tour of India 2022

    I think if they believed Umran was international ready they probably would have given him a debut in the first match itself. Do absolutely love how our batsman think they can play dots the rest of the over if they somehow get one boundary.
  13. srbhkshk

    What is the greatest innings of all time?

    used to be easy to make statements against indian bowling those days, I was too young to watch that innings at that point but just from the scorecard it frankly seems slow-ish in the context of a score of 952.
  14. srbhkshk

    Where will Kohli end up among Asian batsmen?

    I don't know if that's completely true, at least in tests he has played quite a few innings (which eventually weren't particularly noteworthy) where he did look decent. He just isn't able to concentrate and focus the way he could earlier. His troubles in LOIs are more severe imo and he is...
  15. srbhkshk

    Is this a reasonable equivalence?

    Any such analysis should really not try to base itself on how well it works for Tendulkar , Murali , Anderson etc. , those guys are outliers + they did not in fact play the same number of matches.