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Recent content by Burner

  1. Burner

    *Official* India tour of Ireland and England 2022

    Its absurd the number of clutch innings Pant has played in his short career. No one in the team can beat that ratio. Dude is a keeper.
  2. Burner

    Azhar Ali vs Cheteshwar Pujara

    Extra points to Pujara for being pivotal in two series wins in Australia. Both are players that I only find pleasing on the scoreboard but if I had to choose one, I'll have Pujara.
  3. Burner

    Does Babar Azam have a chance as going down as the best ODI batsmen ever?

    He doesn't have it imo. Not Viv or Sachin.
  4. Burner

    Shane Warne dead at 52

    If you are into cricket, its hard not to feel like a piece of it just died. I will miss this man.
  5. Burner

    ***Official*** India in South Africa 2021-22

    KL Rahul is so intrepid though. Would not have chosen him to be a captain. Besides, is he even good enough to warrant a spot in the team at all times? I am a bit biased against him because of the whole years of mediocrity thing but he's so meh imo.
  6. Burner

    Kohli stands down as Test captain

    There's obviously been moves made by Dravid behind the scenes to get Kohli out of the way and give the captaincy to his son :ph34r:
  7. Burner

    Kohli stands down as Test captain

    Kohli averaging more with captaincy had a lot to do with his peak coinciding with the captaincy imo. Could very well have another few years of averaging 50 from him, I think.
  8. Burner

    Kohli stands down as Test captain

    2 of the fab four are now skippers no more. Kane probably will be captain for the longest for my money.
  9. Burner

    ***Official*** India in South Africa 2021-22

    Puji is done.
  10. Burner

    ***Official*** India in South Africa 2021-22

    Its because he can look agricultural at times. In the past few years no one in this Indian side has played as many clutch innings as Pant has had. Most, not in their careers. He's the only batsman for whom I'd shut up about my opinion about what he should do if I were a coach. Pant does what...
  11. Burner

    ***Official*** India in South Africa 2021-22

    I am a bit late to the party but why isn't Rahane captain? Is it really public admission that his career has one foot in the grave or is there something else?
  12. Burner

    Best team since Waugh/ Ponting’s Australia?

    SA losing at home to AUS and drawing against IND should be a major black mark against their rating imo. If winning at home is so inconsequential to someone's rating of these teams, then losing at home should carry a proportionate higher weightage. I personally cannot visualise how this Indian...
  13. Burner

    30 Test hundreds

    Feels like it has been a long time since either a Kohli or Smith century. I would have pencilled them in for 40 centuries, but now maybe not so much.
  14. Burner

    ***Official New Zealand in India Nov-Dec 2021 Thread***

    Drop Rahane for Iyer imo. He's had his time.