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Thread: Grade Cricket Season XII

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    Darn it, wish I could score more runs. My bowling is going reasonably well, just can't seem to get a decent score.
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    Romance can be dealt with elsewhere - I just don't enjoy it in cricket.

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    Haha, biggest bag of **** performance from me.

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    What's my injury progress??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    What's my injury progress??
    You're available to play again today (in Dev League terms). Grade is a couple of days behind schedule, though, so most likely you won't get any games before Sunday unless David sims a lot of games over the weekend.
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    In touch, hawkers.

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    Round of May 9

    Taking over for David for a while, for understandable reasons.

    Davistow Darters v Pickford Panthers
    in Heathridge Oval

    Ball By Ball

    Davistow pros: Ritchie, Raghav
    Pickford pros: De Silva, Halsey, Gough, Roberts

    Dinu de Silva and Tom Halsey were the only ones to turn up with the bat for the Panthers, adding 134 in a fine third-wicket partnership which was eventually broken as Halsey turned an off-break from Ritchie onto his stump. Raghav also took four wickets in a fine spell, but facing a big target against ODI bowlers Gough and Halsey was too tough. Gough was expensive, but also took key wickets, while Halsey and Roberts kept things very tight.

    Pickford Panthers (8pts) beat Davistow Darters (0pts) by seven runs
    Man of the Match: T. C. Halsey (Pickford)

    Fitzworthingham Broncos v Edfield Seahawks
    in Simmons Park

    Ball By Ball

    Fitzworthingham pros: Hogarth, Speirs, Williams, E McNamara
    Edfield pros: Bharat, Rai, GN Nayak, Clapham

    Rhys Williams took four for 34 and ran through the Seahawks, who stumbled to 148 after a disappointing performance by their professional batsmen. He was well helped by Ethan McNamara (3/13) and Don Speirs (2/29), and with Hogarth up top, the chase looked a formality. However, Clapham got Hogarth out early, choking the runs, but at 101 for two they looked safe. Another wicket from Clapham turned things, but the Seahawks captain refused to utilise Clapham for more than seven overs, and McNamara eked across the line with 6 not out.

    Fitzworthingham Broncos (8pts) beat Edfield Seahawks (0pts) by three wickets
    Man of the Match: R. Williams (Fitzworthingham)

    Garven Island Sharks v Stedingham Jets
    in Clowich Stadium

    Ball By Ball

    Stedingham pros: Stedman, Gaukroger, Reddlapalli

    The Sharks soldier on, but their limited skills and squad filled with professionals meant they just couldn't make any runs. The target was 186 in 50 overs - Stedman thumped a hundred off 95, and the Jets eased to a ten-wicket win and three bonus points.

    Stedingham Jets (11pts) beat Garven Island Sharks (0pts) by ten wickets
    Man of the Match: J. E. Stedman (Stedingham)

    Gofftown Tigers v Maddington Frenzy
    in Gofftown Oval

    Ball By Ball

    Gofftown pros: Goff, Malthus
    Maddington pros: McMeekin, Syed, Payne. Youth: Malone jnr.

    In his last game for the club, Brendon Goff bowled ten overs without particular threat as the Frenzy tallied 249, then played a superb 120 not out to guide his team home. He was well supported by James Malthus, who struck ten fours in a solid unbeaten 109, showing previously unknown one-day prowess.

    Gofftown Tigers (8pts) beat Maddington Frenzy (0pts) by nine wickets
    Man of the Match: B. J. Goff (Gofftown)

    Nixonstown Foxes v Campsfield Braves
    in CW Oval

    Ball By Ball

    Nixonstown pros: Dravid, Luff, Gray, Fox, Manan Shah
    Campsfield pros: Blackman, Camps, Gooljar, Collins

    Shah and Fox stunned the Braves, strengthened by the presence of Blue captain Liam Camps, and bowled them out for 175 despite a rearguard 50 from Gareth Gooljar. Shah had Blackman caught in the slips for a golden duck, while Camps never got off the mark and was caught behind for 15 off Fox. The chase was nervy, but Jamee Gray stood tall, dashing 71 runs in singles as Camps took four for 35 around him. The win means the Foxes are ahead of the Braves on matches won.

    Nixonstown Foxes (8pts) beat Campsfield Braves (0pts) by nine wickets
    Man of the Match: Manan Shah (Nixonstown)

    Twybridge Titans v Greater Robbham de Grooters
    in Riverside

    Twybridge pros: Crampton, Donald, Das, J McNamara
    Greater Robbham pro: Amir

    Ball By Ball

    Robbham threw away a huge opportunity for an upset under the laden skies of Twybridge, as the Titans rallied from 92 for six to a total of 218 through amateurs White and Cotterill. No one could really back up the fine efforts of Amir, who continues good one-day form with four for 49, and Donald and Joslin defended the meagre total with relative ease.

    Twybridge Titans (9pts) beat Greater Robbham de Grooters (0pts) by 23 runs
    Man of the Match: B. C. Donald (Twybridge)

    Team		P	W	L	D	T	BP	Pts
    Twybridge	13	9	2	2	0	43	137
    Fitzworthingham	13	9	3	1	0	33	120
    Campsfield	13	6	4	3	0	36	105
    Nixonstown	13	9	3	1	0	18	105
    Maddington	13	6	5	2	0	23	89
    Edfield		13	4	7	2	0	30	80
    Davistow	13	6	5	2	0	16	78
    Robbham		13	4	7	1	1	22	69
    Gofftown	13	5	7	1	0	14	61
    Stedingham	13	4	7	2	0	19	61
    Pickford	13	4	7	2	0	14	52
    Garven Island	13	0	9	3	1	9	22
    Will try to get some kind of OD stats working over the weekend as well.

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    The greatest ever Grade innings?
    Or something.

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    Would have like to have scored a few more runs but happy with the bowling.
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    Havnt posted here in a while, but reading back, i'm pretty pleased with my bowling performances and batting No.8 in the last match, things are moving up in the world!!

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    who's this grade captain

    Stoked with 3/17 in my first game of any sort for what is now 3 weeks i think . Shame our batting performance could only be described as dire.
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    Mitch Johnson is ****ing awesome for cricket.
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    Ponting's ability to ton up in the first innings of a series should not be understated. So much pressure, so important. What a great!

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    One-day Stats

    Sorted by runs and wickets, at present. A select few dominating.

    Any stats lacking, feel free to ask. (Except caught and stumped, those are a bit beyond me at present.)

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    Fair dinkum win for the Jets.
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    Wow. Took the only wicket in the entire match and supported it with a century. Can't believe my batting stats tbh.
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    How come the Garven Island pros haven't been playing grade?
    ODI XI to beat the best

    To answer your question, yes

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