Cricket Mail Users,

Back at the start of August we announced that we would be terminating the service provided by due to upcoming server costs and issues around the web-based application used.

In light of the decision today (26th August 2011) was due to be the last day for new sign ups and the notice period for current users; however I am delighted to say that the decision has been reviewed and will be continuing on in full form and uninterrupted providing an e-mail service to all that wish to use it.

The reversal of the decision has been made possible due to (parent site) receiving a brand new high specification server resulting in auxiliary servers being merged together saving considerable costs, along with the cost savings made we have also managed to develop fixes for a number of issues caused by upgrading the server side of the operation where it was known to cause potential problems with newer software, all of which have now been fully tested and working correctly.

We whole-heartedly apologize for the inconvenience this will have undoubtedly caused, but hope that in the long run this decision and commitment to you to keep Cricket Mail running will be of benefit to you and your e-mailing needs.

Best Regards
Cricket Mail Team