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Thread: Creating a cricket game in VBA (MS Excel)

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    Creating a cricket game in VBA (MS Excel)


    Last year I completed an Advanced Level IT project making a Stock Portfolio Manager in Microsoft Excel. It heavily involved the use of advanced Visual Basic for Applications commands and macros. I acquired a fairly good knowledge of VBA. After taking a look at the 'Excel Cricket' game I realised creating my own simulation game would be quite complex despite having past experience with VBA.

    I want to make a cricket simulation in VBA for Excel but I am unsure of what the basic components of a simulation engine would be i.e. the probabilities for individual batting/bowling performance, total scores, pitch conditions etc. For those of you have programmed cricket games before I would be grateful if you could give me some advice on the basic components of a simple cricket simulation.

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    cricket Excel with VBA

    I would love to get to know a excel with VBA, especially with the DWL calculation methods.
    Million thanks in advance.


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