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Thread: The best cricket team that's ever played? And old vs new?

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    The best cricket team that's ever played? And old vs new?

    Wanted to know which team you regard as the best of all the time or the best of the recent teams. You can divide the teams by categories i.e. best twenty-20 team is... etc

    It's also interesting to me when people say team A is good at test for example but can't be compared in twenty-20. I haven't been a stern watcher of cricket over the years but what really stuck with me was the Australian side of old in the 2000's with the Waugh brothers and Ponting and co. Though I'm told they were only a good test team and wouldn't fare well in today's t-20 but I remember them dominating nearly every time I saw them or heard of them.

    Which brings me to my next point. How would the teams of old fare against the teams these days? If you could play that Australian team against this WI team in the t-20 then how would that go?

    Forgive me if everything I said is completely stupid and shouldn't be contemplated. I'm new at this

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    Quote Originally Posted by Athlai View Post
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    Athlai doesn't lie. And he doesn't do sarcasm either, so you know it's true!

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    Shouldn't this be in the Cricket Chat section?

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