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Thread: Cricket Coach vs. ICC

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    Cricket Coach vs. ICC

    Which one do you thing is a better cricket simulation game? International Cricket Captain or Cricket Coach? Both have got some cool features but which one do you think is worth buying?
    I would like to watch bowlers dominate batsmen like a dog would a tail-wagging contest against a rabbit. Which means I spend most of my days fuming and cursing the game. The Newlands Test between South Africa and Australia has vindicated my belief that batsmen are a bunch of weak-minded, inept fools only good for waving about sponsor logos.

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    ICC is original and the best.

    CC is to buggy still but overall I think it looks better and def has more potential.

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    ICC 2005 the best game of this type ever made for my money. Never enjoyed the sequels as much for some reason.

    Cricket Coach has lots of promise, but it's all style and no substance.

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    ICC for sure.

    Actually gives you a challenge to win, whereas with CC you don't have to do anything and can still win matches. CC though, does have greater choice in teams to coach.
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    CC has more options, but the ICC engine is far superior IMO.

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    ICC is a lot better imo. I even have the iPhone versions. A great game, lots of hours wasted on it. The NZ domestic comp would add a whole new dimension if it were to be added. Unfortunately I doubt it'll end up in the game anytime soon.

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