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Thread: Cricket 2002 Hints and Tips Thread

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    Cricket 2002 Hints and Tips Thread

    use this thread to post hints and tips about cricket 2002

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    I'll start off with 20 over odi tips

    the first four overs (feilding restrictions) are crucial if you are to get a competitive score. make sure you have aggressive openers ( gilchrist, afridi, astle) and look to hit over the top. anything full can be clipped over square leg or lofeted ever the bowler. play a lofted cut or a hook to short balls. the middle overs are for working the ball around and building the score up. the glide to 3rd man is a good shot here. in the last few overs slog everything, but aim away from the outfielders, and u may have to walk across the stumps to manufacture a good shot.

    Make sure you have a few fielders in the point/gully region as the cpu loves to cut short balls. its probably best to err on the side of being short rather than full during fielding restrictions so the batsman doesnt smash you down the ground (and u can get them caught at point).
    towards the end bring on a spinner and have men on the boundary at long off, long on and sqaure leg. the cpu will start to loft u down the ground and slog sweep u to sqaure leg, which can gift u some easy wickets.

    i hope this helps- post any replies

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    One thing I have found to work well, especially in tests, is to use 2 medium fast bowlers in tandem, bowling off-cutters with one and leg-cutters with the other, quite full. alittle to short to drive and often catches the edge.

    i have to agree with don ricardo about the 20 over tactics, certainly worked very well for me.

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