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Thread: Leicestershire Story (ICC2006)

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    Leicestershire Story (ICC2006)

    Steven Peterson is new coach Leicestershire .

    He been first buy young player called Tim Ardley. He play opener batter and he is average almost 55.

    He put 40,000 on young system. He hope this way for future brilliant younger player in our team.

    Bad news start for Asif . Asif had injured broken fingers and out 4 weeks

    First Match

    Leicestershire vs Lancashire

    not good start for leicestershire.Try build team

    Next Match

    leicestershire vs surrey

    Not good start with our bowler and i think D. Mongia was brilliant play in 181 . i am happy our team been draw.

    Next match

    leicestershire vs Warwickshire

    sigh! we lost again but bit improve and better than last match.

    Next Match

    Essex vs leicestershire

    Not bad start for leicestshire batter but A. Cook massive save essex he play well . A draw again.

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    Yay, Leicestershire! Legend.

    Not the greatest of starts, I think you may be batting quite slowly. Unlucky with Mo Asif. Ardley looks the goods, keep with him.
    Or something.

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    Match : Leicestershire vs Derbyshire

    It is good start bowler but when start batter start bit lost and i think we should won but we did lost

    Match: Leicestshire vs Glamorgan

    It is good form for batter for D. Mongia play 100s for both innings. but it draw again we need look win .

    Match: Leicestshire vs Worcestershire

    it is easy won for Worcestershire. Batting line is too rush run and most wicket fell so short. we drop to Ardley replace Allenby.

    Match : Leicestshire vs Derbyshire

    good news for us . Asif return in sqaud and he got few wickets for wicket but he need most pracise bowl.I think we should win it but we slip again.

    Match Nottinghamshire vs Leicestershire

    we lost again, they bowl very well then we batting just panic what to doing , we really tries won.

    Match: Somerset vs Leicestershire

    We are lost this match. Somerset was very good job and good player there.

    Match: Durham vs Leicestershire

    We are lost because bowler not very well. Asif just not best as his form. Ardley drop now all year if he really good form in second team then i think about it.

    Match Leicestershire vs Northamtonshire

    I think we doing very well and great see Asif back his form .We really want won but i think soon will be see won in next or two match.

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    Hmm, dissapointing not to get a win yet.

    Bowlers need to start driving through when a team are on the back foot and the batters need to hit out in the List A games, to get into the 240 region.

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    I started with Leics a few time, the batting is decent, the bowling is the problem, get yourself a good bowler aye.
    P.S. We beat England at Lord's
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    I think it's really disappointing of her - would only take a minute or two of her time....
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    Wishful thinking on your behalf.

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