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Thread: Help Needed

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    Help Needed

    Could anyone help me with the international mode in ICC2005, i mean, im just not doing anything right, my openers never give good starts, almost always we re getting below 200 scores, even after playing out the 50 overs. My bowlers can never seem to get the opposition out, even if im playing a club game, i.e india vs free state. I usually lose to them, and this is on easy mode. I mean, how do you improve in this game, what do u do?
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    Two choices when batting first.
    Start on 4 bars and move up to 5 bars once the batsman is settled. Accelerate your aggression by 1 bar after 30 overs if you've got enough wickets in hand.
    Or start on 5 bars and move up to 6 bars once the batsman is settled. This is a more make it or break it approach though.
    When bowling I always bowl to the batsman's weakness, starting on 4 bars, moving down to 3 bars once they reach double figures, 2 bars if they reach 50, 1 bar if they reach 100. I don't take a lot of wickets either though, so you want to select bowlers who have a good economy rate.

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