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Thread: Overseas players

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    Overseas players

    Hi guys
    I'm back in the neighbourhood..
    just bought icc 2005 and was wondering about the limits on overseas players.
    I've taken over derbyshire and according to the database i've got di venuto, adnan, friend and botha as overseas stars. i expected a limit of two to each side but i've currently got three playing and the computer didn't try to stop me when i also picked friend. is there a limit or am i missing something.

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    you can have two but friend is a kolpak
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    thanks monty

    but i see the kolpak players are listed with a (k) and the four I've mentioned just have countries next to them.

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    Botha?.. as in Ant Botha? Well, isn't he Scotland? He may not be an 'overseas' player
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    It's like that somehow. Lancashire have Murali, Hodge, and Law (even though he's English) at the start of the game, but come the contracts for the next season, you can only sign two overseas players

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    Yeah I wondered what was going on with my Lancashire team, but I was just glad to have them all in.

    However it;s been frustrating as Hodge has missed most of the season through international duty and Murali has now gone at a crucial time as well.

    So far Law has been ok I think he only missed 1 game, but my joy was shortlived when Flintoff Cork and Anderson were all called up by england, for about 20 games.

    I shouldn;t complain since i;m not paying their wages but I am and I shall

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    Found for 2007 (3rd season) i couldnt resign murali due to his international commitments... so shouldnt have season 1's problem again (though season 2 when sri lanka tour england i could sign him and he missed the tour.... odd)
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