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Thread: cheating with field settings!!!

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    cheating with field settings!!!

    I was playing an od game and was trying to set a defensive field, so I tried putting no fielders in a catching position (inside the first 15). I thought I would get an error message that happens for too many on the boundary but my field was accepted. I then tried this in an ODI and found that there don't have to be any fielders in catching positions either.

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    Woah...can you put the keeper on the boundary as well? And slips? Because imagine the benefits in for example the last over...
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    Melicous? Is that a nasty, yet tasty, comment?

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    I've heard of this being used before but never tried it, very interesting though. I've found that it's possible to have more than three fielders behind leg side at times too, so a few minor flaws in the game showing up here and there.

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    After posting I thought about putting everyone on the boundary after the first 15 (except keeper) and this does work (even though onyl five fielders are allowed to be on the boundary).
    The only rule that cannot be cheated is that only two fielders are allowed on the boundary during the first 15. Usually I don't use this tactic as it is much easier to bowl out the opposition.

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