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Thread: Question about visual basic

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    Question about visual basic

    i recently found a copy of visual basic 5.0 which my dad uses for work and wondered if i could make a cricket game using it

    but does anyone know if it is any good for making games?
    and does it work on windows xp?

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    Windows XP will run a program created in pretty much any format.

    VB is fine for game programming - I'm still using an eight-year-old copy of Delphi 3 for all my creations game and non-game and the only thing that I really dislike about it is the fact that it can't do images other than BMPs!

    What I'd suggest you do if you're serious about it is to get yourself down to WH Smith, Waterstone's or Ottakar's and use some of your Christmas money to get a Teach Yourself book - learning like this and with trial and error is usually fine - hey, it's worked for me!
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    i use visual basic 6 for my games and its great. i just taught myself from online tutorials, one book i bought but that was crap and a lot of trial and error

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